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I’m interested in an architecture that improves the quality of use, life, and human relationships - architecture that provides spaces in which users find freedom.


Working from Home

Naked Apartment
‘Working fom Home’ Competition Proposal, June 2020
From Archistart WFH2020

The home played a vital role in the recent global crisis. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, our homes have been serving simultaneously as workplaces, gyms, restaurants, and storage lockers. As a result, the lines between work-life and home-life has become blurry. The project aims to investigate the relationship between domestic and work dimensions. The reference apartment, given in the competition, is a 65 m2 studio apartment and reconceived for a couple who would like to continue working from home at the end of the pandemic.

The main focus of the project is to create an enjoyable and flexible living space that is adapting to changing lifestyles and needs of a young couple. The apartment challenges the necessity of the walls and replacing them with very thin elements; shelving units, fabrics, and polycarbonate panels. Each element plays a clear role: The shelving units are a storage system and allows light to flow from one side to the other, not only helps to retain a sense of openness but also to define the rooms. Depending on how the shelves are arranged, units offer more or less privacy. The polycarbonate panel has sliding doors and is soundproof, it is separating the bedroom and the workspace from the living room. Thus, it creates a silent corner to better enable working from home. Further, it makes a visual connection between the rooms but emphasizing privacy due to its material. The curtains are to cover up the shelving units or to block the light when intimacy needed.

The importance of being surrounded by objects, furnishings, and materials that have personal meanings brings its own boost to well-being. Home changes due to the feelings and needs, it becomes the projection of the mind. The place where we live becomes an extension of ourselves.