Sevgim Ayhan

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I’m interested in an architecture that improves the quality of use, life, and human relationships - architecture that provides spaces in which users find freedom.


Floating University

Floating University: Designing around the kitchen table
MA Projekt, UdK - Summer 2018 Berlin
From Space Production Studio - Marcus Bader

The Floating University Berlin appeared on a location next to the Tempelhofer Feld, hidden behind Columbiadamm and surrounded by sports grounds, graveyards and allotment gardens in the rainwater retention pool of the former airport field. In this offshore laboratory, we researched and learned together about visions in urban practice and created an experiment to reimagine new ways of living together in urban space.

The university kitchen was the main common space of hospitality, production, careful housekeeping, and collective knowledge production. We built and reshaped the kitchen with testing and improving it. The 1:1 design process became a constant experiment and a hands-on laboratory.

Building Process

Kitchen Isometry

Scullery Isometry

Kitchen 1:1