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I’m interested in an architecture that improves the quality of use, life, and human relationships - architecture that provides spaces in which users find freedom.


The Art Gallery

The Art Gallery
BA Project, BAU - Spring 2014 Berlin
From Studio David Joachim Friedrich Granitza Schulz

The task is to design a building that will host a part of Flick Collection. The collection contains hundreds of pieces of which 16 pieces have been presented to the city of Berlin. The building hosts two major exhibitions, one for 80-120 pieces of the Flick Collection Berlin itself to be displayed, and one for temporary exhibitions. The building plot is situated at Invalidenstrasse 79, 10557 in Berlin. It is close to the main train station, Hauptbahnhof and directly at the River Spree to the south, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Hamburger Bahnhof to the north.

The approach of the project is to adapt its spaces to the art that is showcased in its exhibits creating a redefining relationship between art and architecture. It is made of glass, steel, and concrete which endows the interior of the building with texture and spatial composition. From the outside, the building looks like a sculpture. The concrete walls enclose the gallery spaces to the perimeter of the building creating a building of seclusion and openness all in one.