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I’m interested in an architecture that improves the quality of use, life, and human relationships - architecture that provides spaces in which users find freedom.


Office Project, 2022 Winter

Haus Tyler

The renovation project starts from the interior of the dwelling, to give new qualities, by investing with precision and care the existing qualities, that should be preserved, and what is missing that must be added. The aim is to respond to the family’s needs in a house; the ground floor is a social area where new access halls are done, open, and as the clients wish was to demolish the garage space, gardens and the terraces are added around the building to enjoy more space and more use. The upper floors are arranged as private spaces and the bathrooms are relocated around the staircase for an easy access. The existing windows are replaced by large glassed windows and sliding doors, giving more natural light and more views. The top floor is renewed with a new height in order to add two more sleeping rooms.

Wınter 2022 - Berlin (ongoing)